Karol Minczynski

Head of Software Engineering @ Business Reporting – Advisory Group

Karol Minczyński is Head of Software Engineering at Business Reporting – Advisory Group and is responsible for design and implementation of software solutions for collection, integration and distribution of standardized regulatory data. Karol is experienced working on development of  software solutions contributing with design, research, development and team leadership.

Prior to his work at BRAG, Karol worked at statistical office in Poznań, where he was involved in development of data warehouse for Macroeconomic Data Bank.

Karol also has experience in multidimensional data analysis, which he used working as SQL and Data Analysis coach.

Karol graduated from the Poznan University of Economics, where he got a Master’s Degree in Commodity Science and BSc in Information Technology and Econometrics. He also has postgraduate degrees in Data Warehousing and Analysis from Warsaw University of Technology and Software Engineering from Poznań University of Technology